Enable snmp feature on mikrotik router

SNMP ( Simple Network Management Protocol ) is a protocol that is designed to provide the ability for users to monitor and manage the network in a systematic computer remotely or in the control center only. This processing is executed by collecting data and make the determination of the variables in the managed network element. MIB or Manager Information Base, can be regarded as variable data base structure of managed network elements. This structure hierarchical and have rules such that any variable information can be managed or set up easily.

On the mikrotik router, this snmp feature is already available. By default, this snmp feature is disable but you can enable it by remote through winbox, web interface, and telnet session. After snmp feature enabled on mikrotik, you can monitor incoming and outgoing traffic in all the active router interface with snmp tools such us dude mikrotik and the other network tools. How to enable this snmp feature on mikrotik is very easy, and I will explain step by step how to configure SNMP on the mikrotik router trought winbox.

How to enable and configure mikrotik snmp

1. Remote your mikrotik router with a winbox. Then choose menu IP => SNMP

Enable snmp fiture on mikrotik router

2. Enable SNMP Setting. On the enable check box, check list enable

Enable snmp fiture on mikrotik router

3. Setting SNMP Community. The default community is public.

Enable snmp fiture on mikrotik router

4. Done

How to monitoring mikrotik router through snmp

You can use network monitoring tools that support snmp tools to monitor mikrotik router through snmp, such us solarwinds network performance monitor, dude mikrotik, and the other. Read How to monitor traffic router and other network devices using SNMP with the dude mikrotik

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