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Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

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How to upgrade package (firmware / routeros) mikrotik router - There are several ways you can do to upgrade the firmware / packages on mikrotik router. that is upgrade firmware over using xmodem, upgrade firmware over serial port, upgrade firmware over ethernet, upgrade firmware using netinstall and upgrade firmware via winbox.

But in this articel, i want to share a tutorial about "how to upgrade the firmware via winbox". This way is very easy, if your mikrotik router connected to the internet, you can immediately upgrade the firmware via the available tool on the winbox.

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware Using Winbox

This is step by step how to upgrade firmware / package mikrotik router using winbox through internet connection :

1. Login to your mikrotik router using winbox mikrotik
2. On the DNS Setting, Enter your DNS Server so that the mikrotik router connected directly to the internet.

Mikrotik Upgrade firmware

3. Go to System => Packages

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

And then, click Download and Upgrade button

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

4. Done, mikrotik router has been upgraded

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

This is step by step how to upgrade firmware / package mikrotik router with winbox without internet connection :

1. Download npk routeros / packages for mikrotik router on mikrotik website
2. Open File List at the winbox, drag and drop npk file to File List

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

3. After upload completed, reboot your mikrotik through winbox
4. Done. And Go to System => resources to check version of mikrotik router

Mikrotik Upgrade Firmware

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