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VLAN Configuration over wireless bridge

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On this article, show you how to setup VLAN over wireless bridge point to point. You can see the network topology below :

vlan configuration over radio wireless bridge

1. Create VLAN Trunk on R1. Please see How to setup VLAN on mikrotik router
2. On R2, create interface bridge to forward trunk packet
[admin@Router2] > interface bridge add name=bridge-trunk
Add interface that you want to forward the VLAN in the interface bridge.
[admin@Router2] > interface bridge port add interface=ether1 bridge=bridge-trunk
[admin@Router2] > interface bridge port add interface=wlan1 bridge=bridge-trunk
Configure wireless interface as mode ap-bridge

 [admin@Router2] > interface wireless set wlan1 mode=ap-bridge disabled=no
3. On R3, please configure wireless interface as mode station-bridge and connect ether1 R3 using LAN cable to switch manageable.

 [admin@R1] > interface wireless set wlan1 mode=station-bridge disabled=no
4. Configure switch manageable as desired

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