How To Block Website On Mikrotik Router

This guide show how to block website on mikrotik router such us rb750, rb450g using firewall L7 protocol. By using this feature, you can perform block any website, such as youtube, twitter, facebook, porn sites and other sites. Please download winbox first, to perform configuration on the mikrotik router.

How to block youtube on mikrotik router
1. Login to mikrotik router
2. Go to IP => Firewall => Layer7 Protocols => Add New Firewall L7 Protocol

3. Please copy and paste the following script into regexp text field.

4. After that, go to Filter Rule tab and click New Firewall Rule. Enter parameter value as shown below :

5. Please access to the youtube site via a web browser, the site should not be accessible.

Please add New Firewall L7 Protocol to block facebook, twitter and other sites and follow the steps as above.

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