[Manual Guide] Install Router OS Mikrotik Using NetInstall

How to install router os at mikrotik router board (flash mikrotik ) using netinstall - NetInstall is a software application that is used to flash or install routeros on pc / computer and router board. Netinstall is commonly used in the event of damage to the router os on mikrotik routerboard, forgot the administrator username and password to login mikrotik router and upgrade firmware/routeros . By using netinstall will not eliminate the license, but it will remove the router configuration and backup files.

Download first Software mikrotik netinstall for windows 7 and linux in mikrotik website or in this blog.

Reset Password Mikrotik Using Netinstall

How to reset password mikrotik series (rb750, rb450g, rb1100,rb1200) using netinstall :

1. Connect the mikrotik router to a laptop using LAN cable.

2. Set ip address on the laptop/pc.

3. Run the software netinstall, then click Net booting Button.

4. Enable on Boot Server Enabled. Then, enter the Client IP Address with the ip address that are still in the same network with the IP address of the laptop.

5. Press and hold Reset Button (don't release) on mikrotik router and reconnect power adaptor until the mac address can be read by netinstall.
6. Click the mac address that has been detected in netinstall. Then, click Browse Button to locate the routeros version. Then, click Install Button.

7. Wait until the installation is complete.

8. After the installation is complete, click the Reboot Button.


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